SFG Financial Planning

Comprehensive Process

SFG’s Comprehensive Process consists of a continuous cycle with four critical components:
Client Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Continuous Monitoring.


SFG Financial Planning Process: Step 1

we start by learning about you

We take an expansive approach to gathering information...

Our focus is not only on our clients’ direct information, such as gender, age or health conditions, but also on information related to their context, such as family members, job, hobbies, faith or philanthropy.

We assess the realities of each life stage separately...

Each life stage warrants a different approach. What is appropriate during grad school is likely not to be appropriate during retirement. We develop a plan of action that achieves adequate financial balance at each stage of, and throughout, their lives.


SFG Financial Planning Process: Step 2

then, our team approach

We take a comprehensive approach to planning...

All client-related information that has been carefully gathered during the previous stage is analyzed by SFG from at least seven different perspectives: pre-retirement, post-retirement, tax, insurance, liability exposure, estate and legacy and charitable giving.

An unusually wide range of experience in SFG’s team...

With SFG’s competence in skillfully leading teams of diverse professionals to convey precise and coordinated recommendations, our plans truly deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients.


SFG Financial Planning Process: Step 3

next, we turn the plan into reality:
We serve in two different capacities.

Implementation Manager...

SFG’s team leaders actively manage the implementation of all parts of the Comprehensive Plan, making sure that lawyers, accountants, investment managers, insurance carriers, trust companies and all other critical parties take the steps necessary for its implementation.

Investment Manager...

As Investment Managers, we invest clients’ assets to advance and support the goals and needs of the Comprehensive Plan.


SFG Financial Planning Process: Step 4

throughout, we remain vigilant

No plan is able to accurately foresee the future...

While the development of a proactive Comprehensive Plan is important, it is imperative to also be reactive, vigilantly dedicating time and efforts to detect events or situations that affect elements of the initial assessment.

We detect and react to changes...

Through our periodic client interactions and our industry leading technology, we constantly learn and adapt to new information.


SFG Financial Planning Process: Step 5

periodically, we restart the cycle

We actively reevaluate and recalibrate...

The identification of events or situations that affect any elements of the initial assessment triggers the start of a new comprehensive assessment cycle that reevaluates and, if necessary, recalibrates, the Comprehensive Plan.

We keep the plan current...

This continuous cycle assures that the Comprehensive Plan stays up-to-date.