Twenty-five years ago, StrategIQ Financial Group, LLC was born. Since that time, what started as a small local investment advisory firm has become a nationwide comprehensive wealth management firm. We attribute much of our success and growth to our continued implementation of our basic philosophy: a focus on acquiring and developing diverse and outstanding expertise, a team approach that combines diverse knowledge for the benefit of clients, a commitment to comprehensive financial planning, the embracing of continuous innovation and the cultivation of trusting relationships with our individual, family, and business owner clients, all with the expectation of providing valuable services and delivering exceptional outcomes. We are proud of, and thankful for, the strong relationships with our valued clients, who continue to take this journey with us, and, of course, with our talented team of StrategIQ professionals.

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we have created the "25 for 25" StrategIQ 25th Anniversary Giving Campaign. In addition to the philanthropy we do throughout the year, we are donating to 25 charitable organizations whose impactful work is meaningful to our associates, friends, family, and clients.

The outstanding organizations we are supporting during our 25th Anniversary Year are listed below. Click on their logos for more information about how you, too, can contribute.









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