Covenant House provides housing and supportive services to youth facing homelessness. We help young people transform their lives and put them on a path to independence.

Our Work

The issues - How many youth are living on our streets? What dangers do they face? Learn the issues - from foster care to child trafficking - that impact and drive youth homelessness.

Youth Homelessness

We strive to be the model of care for children and youth facing homelessness in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. To do so, we need to know why, how, and how many youth are impacted by homelessness.

Human trafficking

Vulnerable and easily manipulated, children and youth experiencing homelessness are easy prey for the worldwide, multi-billion dollar criminal human trafficking industry.

Foster Care

When young people age out of foster care and other child welfare services without support, they become susceptible to homelessness, human trafficking, and other threats to their well-being.

Physical and Mental Health

The health risks of homelessness are compounded in youth, who are still developing physically, mentally, emotionally, and cognitively.

Justice System Involvement

Youth homelessness and justice system involvement intersect in various ways and, without positive intervention, can damage a young person's prospects for a happy and fulfilling life.


LGBTQ youth face greater risks of homelessness than their peers and higher levels of hardship than other youth living homeless. Covenant House offers all youth a safe place to live and heal.

Pregnant and Parenting Youth

The brave kids who walk through our shelter doors are our inspiration in everything we do. Get to know these courageous young people and show them that their lives matter.

Affordable Housing

The lack of available affordable housing is putting millions of youth and adults alike at risk of homelessness.


For young people living on the streets, finding a job is very difficult, if not impossible. Many have no education and no one to offer guidance or to show them how to write a resume, how to search, or how to prepare for an interview.

Racial Discrimination

Systemic racism impacts education, opportunity, housing, and more, and is a pipeline to youth homelessness. We must address racial discrimination if we are to end youth homelessness and ensure every young person has a safe place to live and the support they need to realize their dreams.