Together for Good. 

JUF amplifies our collective strength to make the world a better place — for everyone.

Community powered, we consider the totality of local and global Jewish needs and how to address them. From generation to generation, we help people connect to Jewish life and values, fueling a dynamic, enduring community that comes together for good.

We connect our community to the epic moments in Jewish life, invigorating a Jewish heritage that honors the past and hopes for the future.

We assist people in need to overcome life's challenges, transforming daily life for over 500,000 Chicagoans of all faiths.

We support Israel and the Jewish people worldwide, advocating on key issues and providing humanitarian assistance for millions.

We respond swiftly to crisis situations, mobilizing resources and rushing aid to communities in distress worldwide.

We maximize impact, generating ROI on the community's philanthropy through smart stewardship of collective resources.

We cultivate Jewish identity and connection, engaging our community through enriching programs and experiences from "baby to Bubbe."

We advance Jewish learning — supporting and providing Jewish educational opportunities from preschool to high school, through college and beyond.

We inspire innovation — funding and incubating breakthrough initiatives that adapt to and effect change.

Who We Are

Community-driven support for JUF's Annual Campaign enables us to be one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the country. JUF believes in the extraordinary power of our resilient community to unite, empower, help and heal.

Rooted in the belief in collective action and collective responsibility, JUF provides life-saving services and life-enriching experiences where they are needed most. We take great pride in this, and in our unique ability to help people—to provide essential health and human services and vital points of community and connection.

How We Help 

JUF provides vital points of discovery, learning, community and connection, and responds swiftly to crisis situations. At the center of Jewish Chicago, and in deep partnership with the 75+ agencies and initiatives we support, JUF's work is made possible by generations of generosity, guided by Jewish values and the innate understanding that we must take care of our neighbors as ourselves.