Prevent Child Abuse America is the nation's oldest and largest organization committed to preventing child abuse and neglect before it happens. We promote programs and resources informed by science that enable kids, families, and entire communities to thrive—today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. ​

Our success relies on a nationwide network of state chapters and nearly 600 Healthy Families America home visiting sites, which provide parents and caregivers with a wide variety of services and resources in communities across the country. Our respected experts also develop innovative research that our vast network then puts into action. And we raise public awareness and engagement and advocate for family-friendly policies at the national, state, and local levels to support programs that ensure children and families get what they need to succeed. ​


To prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation's children.


We envision a world where all children grow up happy, healthy, and prepared to succeed in supportive families and communities.


Donna J. Stone has a vision of a future in which no children are ever abused or neglected. She recognizes the importance of ensuring great childhoods for all children, and starts the National Committee for Prevention of Child Abuse in Chicago with" seed" money from her own fortune. In 1974, the committee sponsors a four-day seminar on child abuse at the University of Chicago Center for Continuing Education, which more than 300 people attend. The 200,000 cases of child abuse reported annually" are just the tip of the iceberg," she says at the time, because few states actively enforce the requirement that incidents be reported.