No longer “What If” but “When.” How is your portfolio reacting?

by cehassinger on Feb 5, 2019

Finance, Retiremnet, Lifestyle

By Bradley J. Rathe, AIF®
Chief Investment Officer

The quality of an investment portfolio is not only measured by its performance when the market is doing well but also by how well it withstands changing markets and volatility. There are thousands of "what if" scenarios that can negatively affect your portfolio. Any single scenario can have a dramatic adverse effect. Imagine the effect of multiple events hitting at once, as we see now. 

Technology Tips

by cehassinger on Aug 28, 2018


By Josh Lawrence
Information Technology Manager

Unlike a chair, shirt, or car however – the devices you use for online communications may not show obvious signs they are in need of replacement. I have personally seen devices that are several years old – yet due to the owner’s meticulous care - could pass for new if I didn’t know better. Unfortunately, there is more to consider when replacing these devices than the physical condition or performance.

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