Fridays with Brad - Counterintuitive Nature of Markets

Watch the latest episode of "Fridays with Bradley J. Rathe," Chief Investment Officer of StrategIQ Financial Group, LLC. In this episode, Brad pulls back the curtain and tells you what institutional investors don't want you to know. He explains why understanding the counterintuitive nature of markets is one of the most important things to know to make investors feel comfortable and why learning to act in a counterintuitive way when investing is one of the hardest lessons to learn. Brad answers the question, is there a correlation between the markets, the economy, and GDP? Brad also touches on how investor sentiment relates to market performance, shows examples of counterintuitive market reactions, explains why people make poor investment decisions, and outlines a few factors that drive prices. Lastly, Brad identifies what investors can do when irrational markets come back and where there are opportunities.
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