Our Philosophy

You are unique, and you require a uniquely qualified team of advisors.

At the core of our wealth management philosophy is an understanding that every client, individual or business, institutional or non-profit, is unique. We create plans which are custom tailored to each individual situation.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

True wealth management evaluates all aspects of each client's life, including their assets, liabilities, risk tolerance, goals and aspirations, and understands how to design the best plan that will minimize risks, and capitalize on unique opportunities based on these factors.  At SFG, we believe it is vital to educate and inform you about the various investment and planning options that optimize your unique opportunities.

When we have a conversation, it is all about you. When we develop a customized plan, it is tailored to you. When you work with SFG, you have an individual advisor, as well as a whole team, focused on your specific needs.


You Feel Protected  |  You Feel Confident  |  You Feel Balanced  |  You Feel Successful  |  You Feel Informed