You are unique, and you require a uniquely qualified team of advisors.

At the core of our wealth management philosophy is an understanding that every client, individual or business, institutional or non-profit, is unique. We create plans which are custom tailored to each individual situation.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

True wealth management evaluates all aspects of our clients’ lives, including their assets, liabilities, risk tolerance, goals and aspirations, and, based on these factors, designs a plan that minimizes risks and capitalizes on unique opportunities. At SFG, we believe it is vital to educate and inform you about the various investment and planning options that optimize your unique opportunities.

We often are asked what sets our financial experts apart from our competitors.

StrategIQ™ and StrategEQ™

One answer is the StrategIQ™ and StrategEQ™ characteristics of our team members.

StrategIQ™ refers to intellectual competency – the analytical qualities that let us logically process fact-based, data-driven, quantitative information. We are blessed with advisors of extraordinary raw intellect that has been, and continues to be, sharpened through rigorous financial planning and investment management education, broad experience working in diverse positions within our business, and teamwork.

But there is more. Something that may be less easy to define, but the lack of which immediately is palpable. We call it StrategEQ™ - the emotional intelligence of our team members. While the intellectual competency of our team members is essential, it is the addition of their emotional competency that truly sets us apart. The ability to connect emotionally with clients and their advisors, the passion for cultivating long-lasting relationships, the curious disposition to learn new things, the enthusiasm for problem-solving, the understanding of the importance of trust, loyalty and care – all of these are critically important characteristics of our team members. Just looking at the data doesn't give us the complete picture. Understanding you - your unique situation, needs and objectives as they relate to money, family, business and life - is essential in developing a financial plan that's targeted to you.

While there are black and white, purely quantitative factors, that influence financial planning and investment management decisions, emotional or qualitative considerations also have an effect thereon. We look forward to introducing you to SFG’s combination of intellectual competency (StrategIQ™) and emotional competency (StrategEQ™).

Human Decisions with Technological Assistance

What also sets SFG apart is a strong belief that technology is a tool and not a crutch. We don't let automation drive decisions! The concept of algorithmic decision-making is alluring, but, in our opinion, a system of automatic reactions to numerical stimuli is too simplistic for the type of individuals, families or businesses of substantial wealth that we serve. As a result, we use a blended approach: we proactively monitor with, and are alerted by, sophisticated data-driven technologies, AND we apply big-picture, qualitative and nuanced human investigation, analysis and decision-making. Technology is very helpful and we rely on it for numerous tasks on a daily basis, but, at SFG, you can rest assured that technology is used to maximize the best interest of clients, not their advisors.

When we have a conversation, it is all about you. When we develop a customized plan, it is tailored to you. When you work with SFG, you have an individual advisor, as well as a whole team, focused on your specific needs.

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