Step 1

We start by getting to know you.

You will find that we take a very thorough and in-depth approach to gathering information about you as our client.

Your direct information such as age, gender, job, assets, liabilities, income, and health condition etc. are only part of the puzzle. Other contextual factors such as family members, hobbies, faith and philanthropy, risk tolerance, investment experience, life stage etc. piece together a more complete picture with which to plan.


Step 2

Then, our team creates a customized IQuillibrium™ financial plan, which includes investment advice.

Next, all the information that has been carefully gathered is analyzed by SFG from several different perspectives, considering the factual data, as well as your personal feelings. 

We assess the realities of each life stage separately. Each life stage warrants a different approach. What is appropriate during pre-retirement is likely not to be appropriate during your retirement years. We develop a plan of action that achieves adequate financial balance at each stage of, and throughout, your life. We call this: IQuillibrium™.


Step 3

Next, we implement your financial plan.

Additionally, as investment managers, we invest your assets under management to advance and support your goals. Learn more about our Investment Process


Step 4

Active investment management.

As investment managers, we vigilantly dedicate time and effort to detect material events or situations that generally affect the financial markets. Our continuing client interactions and industry-leading technology help us learn and process new information. We look for opportunities, driven by many factors, to refine and optimize our investment strategies.


Step 5

Reevaluation and recalibration.

The development of a proactive, comprehensive plan is static - it cannot meet those of your goals that change over time due to personal and outside factors. The identification of life events or changes in circumstances that alter your wealth management goals may require an update or revision to your plan or strategies.