We are comprehensive wealth managers, not just investment advisors. What’s the difference? Well, true wealth management takes into consideration all aspects of our clients’ lives. This means gaining an in-depth understanding of all of your assets, liabilities, current and future life events and more. We use this information to help you capitalize on your opportunities and minimize your risks related to all aspects of your wealth.

Our advisors will then produce a personalized wealth management strategy for you, taking into account both your personal and your business assets and any unique opportunities or challenges related to your business. To develop and implement your personalized wealth management plan and related strategies, SFG has extensive access to resources, both in-house and external. This allows us to be unbiased and completely neutral when developing strategies and recommendations that are only in your best interest.

Financial Position

Our clients' financial position, goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance are the foundation for determining their comprehensive wealth strategy. It is critical that we start with an analysis of your true and accurate financial position, so we can design a personalized plan, putting you on a more successful path towards achieving your goals.

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Protection Planning

Planning for the unexpected provides peace of mind and security for our clients. You can’t always see what's over the horizon. However, we can help you prepare for unexpected events that could potentially impact your financial well-being.

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Investment Management

Proper investment management requires a complete understanding of our your current financial picture and future goals, which we develop into a personalized, comprehensive plan. We actively manage your investments based on your changing lifestyle and macroeconomic events. We plan for the unplanned, and our clients trust us to manage their investments so they can live their lives knowing that we have their backs.

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Tax Planning

Advising on how taxes impact our clients’ wealth is one of the cornerstones of what we do. Taxes can be a major factor that affects the strength of a proper wealth management strategy. The tax code is complicated. Understanding how it affects our clients’ short and long-term goals and making it work for our clients is vital.

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StrategIQ Tax & Business Services

Retirement Planning

One of the biggest concerns for our clients is their retirement. We ensure that you do not outlive your retirement assets, and comprehensive planning with SFG helps you take the action you need today so you can achieve the financial independence needed tomorrow. A custom tailored comprehensive plan is designed for your specific financial needs.

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Estate Planning

Your estate is the embodiment of the smart financial decisions made throughout your life. Proper estate planning means taking the required actions needed to preserve your estate and assure it is properly passed on to beneficiaries.

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The IQ Companies provide StrategIQ® and StrategEQ® services that include financial planning and investment advisory services, financial administration of employee pension plans and retirement plans, consulting in the field of planned giving for non-profit and charitable organizations, investment and trust company services, business management consulting and advisory services, and accountancy services, taxation planning, tax preparation, advice, information and consulting. 

The IQ Companies® provide financial planning, wealth management and investment advisory services solely through SFG.

The IQ Companies® provide accountancy and tax preparation services solely through STBS. STBS provides accountancy and tax preparation services to individuals, businesses, trusts and other organizations, including clients of SFG.

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