Accounting & Tax Compliance

Accounting & Tax Compliance

As a business owner, you have many things to do aside from preparing your taxes or keeping your books. We understand this. StrategIQ Tax and Business Services, LLC can help free up your time so you are able to focus on managing and growing your businesses.

  • Accounting services
  • Business tax return preparation
  • Business personal property tax preparation
  • Payroll tax preparation
  • Mid-year and Year-end tax planning

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Strategic Financial Group, LLC ("SFG") and StrategIQ Tax and Business Services, LLC ("STBS") are affiliated entities under common ownership of Strategic Financial Group Holdings, LLC ("SFGH").  SFGH and all companies in which SFGH holds, directly or indirectly, any ownership stake sometimes are referred to by such affiliated company group’s trade name "IQ Companies".  STBS is referred to sometimes as STBS or as its trade name StrategIQ Tax and Business.