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How to Choose a Trustee?

by Chad Hassinger on Aug 8, 2019

By Colleen M. Henes, CFP®, JD
Financial Advisor, Advanced Planning

As you plan for your own and your family’s financial future, you may be considering the creation of a trust. If you decide a trust is needed, either during your lifetime or in your will, you will have to choose a trustee to administer it.

Weekly Market Review - July 17, 2019

by Chad Hassinger on Jul 18, 2019

By Bradley J. Rathe, AIF®
Chief Investment Officer

The stock market rally has continued to make new highs since the market swoon (sudden and widespread loss in the value of stocks) of May. This week kicks off Q2 earnings season and expectations have ratcheted down as we have gotten closer with -3% on quarter over quarter earnings currently expected.

Generous Giving in Financial Planning

by Chad Hassinger on Jun 7, 2019

By Pamela A. Martin, AIF®
Financial Advisor

This past month, I had the distinct honor of witnessing the most precious moment in my career as a financial advisor.  You see, as a financial advisor, we are called upon during many stages of life; the ups and downs, the mountains and the valleys.   It is during the lows that our advice, service and support is most frequently sought– death, illness, divorce, job loss, financial mishaps – and we feel privileged to be able to help in those sensitive situations of critical importance to our clients.