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No longer “What If” but “When.” How is your portfolio reacting?

by Chad Hassinger on Feb 5, 2019

By Bradley J. Rathe, AIF®
Chief Investment Officer

The quality of an investment portfolio is not only measured by its performance when the market is doing well but also by how well it withstands changing markets and volatility. There are thousands of "what if" scenarios that can negatively affect your portfolio. Any single scenario can have a dramatic adverse effect. Imagine the effect of multiple events hitting at once, as we see now. 

Trusted Contacts - Who Do I Trust?

by Chad Hassinger on Jan 24, 2019

By Susan R. Kuczera, CFP®, ChFC
Manager - Compliance & Operations

Elder financial abuse is a growing problem, and is often under-reported, under-recognized and under-prosecuted.  According to a 2011 Cornell University Medical Center study, 98% of incidents of elder financial abuse went unreported. Yet, the reported loss by victims in 2010 was greater than $2.9 billion!  The numbers are staggering.

On the Road to Retirement, Beware of These Five Risks

by Chad Hassinger on Oct 18, 2018

Provided By Jeremy D. Schares, CFP®, CRPC®
Vice President of Wealth Management

On your journey to retirement, you'll likely face many risks that have the potential to throw you off course. Following are five common challenges retirement investors face. Take some time now to review and understand them before your journey takes an unplanned detour.