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Risk Adjusted Returns

by Chad Hassinger on Oct 2, 2018

By Bob Mecca, CFP®, MBA
Vice President of Wealth Management

Investors are a bit nervous about this stock market as many have expressed continuing concerns about one or several of the following: our US economy, tariff wars, international issues, terrorism, and politics just to name a few. Anyone of these or combination can torpedo stock investment returns in the short term.

Do you want to pay more taxes this year?

by Chad Hassinger on Sep 6, 2018

By Steve Barrett, CFP®, AWMA®, AIF®, CPWA®
Vice President of Wealth Management

I am guessing most of you would answer “no”. In fact, I would expect everyone would like to pay less in taxes. However, the new tax law reduced many of the individual tax brackets only through December 31, 2025 (barring any action by Congress or the President). Therefore, it may make sense to pay taxes now in order to pay fewer taxes throughout your lifetime.

Technology Tips

by Chad Hassinger on Aug 28, 2018

By Josh Lawrence
Information Technology Manager

Unlike a chair, shirt, or car however – the devices you use for online communications may not show obvious signs they are in need of replacement. I have personally seen devices that are several years old – yet due to the owner’s meticulous care - could pass for new if I didn’t know better. Unfortunately, there is more to consider when replacing these devices than the physical condition or performance.