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Who Needs A Trust?

by Chad Hassinger on May 22, 2018

By Steven M. Gronceski, CFP®, AIF®
Vice President, Wealth Management

Ask anyone you know what kind of person would need to be concerned with estate planning, and 90% would describe the well-to-do retiree who has spent the last 40 years of life building up substantial wealth. Young people tend to think they are invincible. They don't plan on getting sick or even worse, dying. Why, then, do they need an estate plan?

Pamela A. Martin and Nicole M. Clarke earn AIF® Designation

by Chad Hassinger on May 10, 2018

By Chad E. Hassinger, CFP®
Chief Executive Officer

Pamela A. Martin and Nicole M. Clarke recently earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary™ (AIF®) Designation, which signifies specialized knowledge of fiduciary responsibility and the ability to implement policies and procedures that meet a defined standard of care for clients.

What are the gift and estate tax rules after tax reform?

by Chad Hassinger on Apr 24, 2018


By Jeremy D. Schares, CFP®, CRPC®
Associate Vice President, Wealth Management

On December 22, 2017 the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed in to law beginning fiscal year 2018 and since that date we have been working to understand just what that means. The majority of the focus has been on what the impact is on income tax rates, deductions, etc. There were other major changes within this act pertaining to the Gift Tax and Estate Tax. These are two major items that have not been given their due that I wanted to share with each of you today. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Take care!

Fear of Missing Out

by Chad Hassinger on Apr 19, 2018

College, Finance

By Robert A. Mecca, CFP®, MBA
Vice President of Wealth Management

Millennials are classified as persons born between 1981 and 1996. Up until recently, millennials were content living in their parent's basement or attic, using Uber and not purchasing or leasing a car, spending on coffee, eating out, and renting. But now with the economy growing and millennials having good-paying jobs while starting a family, more are seriously looking into buying their own residence as a condo, townhouse, or single dwelling house.