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Financial Fraudsters Preying on Boomers & Elders

by cehassinger on Jul 31, 2018

By Jeremy D. Schares, CFP®, CRPC®
Vice President, Wealth Management

When I started out in the banking industry, it was common for many to come in to the bank with a copy of an email that they had received stating if they sent money, they were promised an exponential return on those funds. Most of these emails were littered with typos and poor grammar that made it easily identified as false. Now scammers have gotten better at making communications appear legitimate.

Is Social Capital a possible way to increase my charitable giving and improve my financial position?

by cehassinger on Jul 26, 2018


By Michael A. Jankowske, CFP®
Vice President, Estate and Charitable Planning

Every year, the government knocks on your door to collect taxes. Once your income is in the government’s coffers, the government allocates a portion of it to a number of expenses, including those incurred for the common good and in the public interest, such as social security, unemployment, Medicare, health and military.

Jeremy D. Schares, CFP®, CRPC® Promoted to Vice President of Wealth Management

by cehassinger on Jul 19, 2018

By Chad E. Hassinger, CFP®
Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy D. Schares, CFP®, CRPC® was recently promoted from Associate Vice President of Wealth Management to Vice President of Wealth Management. As a member of our Wealth Management leadership team, Jeremy brings 10+ years of diverse wealth management experience to SFG.