Meet the Team

Markus Sleuwen (Guerrero), JD

Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel and Secretary, SFG
Vice-President of Business Services, STBS

"I care about making this world a better place for all. I believe that persistent actions, no matter how small, are catalysts for big results."

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Michael A. Jankowske, CFP®

Vice President, Estate and Charitable Planning

“Most people/clients/donors have a misperception that they have limited resources… and don’t realize their potential to accomplish their charitable dreams without affecting their financial security.

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Richard L. Hatcher

Associate Vice President, Wealth Management

"I believe we have a sacred responsibility to work with our clients on the most important issue they face in their lives, their financial future. It is the most important trust that they can place in us."

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Alyssa M. Wheeling

Vice President of Operations

“Supporting a team of advisors that work together to bring both short term and long term goals alive for our clients is one of many things that I enjoy about working for SFG.

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Joshua G. Lawrence

Information Technology Manager

“Attention has shifted to sorting out how technology can be leveraged to improve efficiencies and make our lives easier. In the financial industry, and for us, security must always trump convenience.”

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Anna M. Beam

Financial Planning and Trading
Client Service Advisor

"I believe in the importance of effective communication in order to deliver a message and build a trusting relationship between SFG and its clients."

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Dalton J. Stokes

Business Development Coordinator
Client Service Advisor

“I work to ensure that all of our clients know that they are valued and important to us, and that they can trust in the fact that they will be treated as a person, and not as an account number."

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