StrategIQ Perspectives - Tax Diversification: Tax Shelters

Watch the latest episode of StrategIQ Perspectives featuring Michael A. Jankowske, Vice President of Estate and Charitable Planning at StrategIQ Financial Group, LLC, and Rebecca Wallenfelsz, Partner at Chapman and Cutler LLP. In this episode, they delve into the realm of tax diversification, focusing on a crucial aspect: tax shelters. By thoroughly explaining the concept and shedding light on its role within the broader tax diversification strategy, they offer invaluable insights to investors seeking to curtail taxable liabilities in their overall investment approach. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to enhance tax efficiency over a lifetime, ultimately reducing the burden of full tax obligations.
StrategIQ Financial Group, LLC is a nationwide wealth management company for high-net-worth individuals and their families, business owners, and executives. We take a holistic approach to wealth management, dealing with all aspects of a client's wealth, including investments, taxes, estate planning, charitable trust services, and more.


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