Who We Are

Passion is what drives us. Integrity is how we work. Your trust is what we earn.

When you’re with SFG, you’re with family - and we look out for family. We say this because this is how we think of our clients and how our clients think of us. Our team consists of knowledgeable, multi-disciplined professionals who have access to extensive resources, and provide objective, bottom-line solutions specific to you.

Whether you are an individual or a business, SFG takes a personalized, hands-on approach to managing and growing your wealth. At SFG we listen. Understanding you, your financial goals and your aspirations, is how we develop tailored wealth strategies. Your personalized financial plan is your roadmap and it is built upon your unique set of facts, feelings and family or business goals. We actively implement, monitor, and revise your wealth management plan according to your goals. We judge our success based on your success.

Foundation For Success

Over 20 years ago, several successful investment advisors joined forces to develop a financial services experience deliberately built from the ground up. Today, SFG has an integrated team of 15+ specialist advisors that collaborate together, and with our external professionals, to help achieve financial successes for our clients. Our team continues to fulfill our founding principles of comprehensive planning, true teamwork, specialized knowledge and advice, commitment to continued education, and best of breed strategies. Our services are always provided to you ethically and with integrity.


Your SFG Team from left to right. Front Row: Betty Katsaros (no longer with firm), Samantha Sarver Annette Hiller, Sheri Cotton. Middle Row: Chris Ylo, Sandee Dudash, Mike Jankowske, Clarissa Fuller, Chad Hassinger, Susan Kuczera, Alyssa Wheeling, Nicole Clarke, Deborah Sarkey. Back Row: Anna Mahoney, Josh Lawrence, Steve Barrett, Markus Sleuwen, Brad Rathe, Jeremy Schares, Steve Gronceski, James Hart, Doug Hoover. Team members not pictured. Colleen Henes, Cynthia Christoph, Dalton Stokes, Pamela Martin, Richard Hatcher, Robert Mecca

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The Clients We Serve:

Business Owners, Executives, Managers & Key Employees, Professionals, Corporate Retirement Plans and their Participants