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PASSION is what drives us. INTEGRITY is how we work. TRUST is what we earn.

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The StrategIQ Difference

WE LISTEN… And that is what our clients love about us. We get to know you, not only financially but personally. A detailed understanding of your goals and concerns helps us to better develop a holistic, wealth management plan. Be at ease knowing that we are focusing on your specific needs. We are like family to our clients, and we treat them as such. Through personal passion and integrity, we build trust with our clients. As a fiduciary, we will always put your best interests ahead of our own. Our client retention is a testament to our adherence to these principles.

Give us just a little bit of your time to discuss your goals, aspirations and needs – to talk about where you are now financially and where you want to be. After our conversation, we are confident that you’ll understand why our clients partner with us in their financial journey - and why you will want to as well.

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StrategIQ for Individuals

You’re unique!

As you progress through life, protecting and growing your wealth takes an approach that is unique to you, your goals and your situation. Financial planning for our clients means customization – not shortcuts, standardized methods, or a universal formula. Getting you to where you want to be, now and in the future, requires a personalized solution.

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StrategIQ for Business

Your business is unique!

Whether your business is a successful startup or a mature enterprise, or you’re a founder, a business head, an executive or a key manager, your objectives and management requirements are unique to you and your organization.

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The Benefits of StrategIQ

Integrated and Team Approach to Financial Planning and Wealth Management

A comprehensive approach to financial planning that assesses a variety of factors which affect your financial position, and a team approach with the capacity of bringing to bear the necessary resources required to manage, grow and protect your wealth.

Client Service That Is Proactive and Not Reactive

Our extraordinary client retention is a result of holistic wealth management and specialized client service provided real-time and as you need it.

A Real Fiduciary Responsibility

Recommendations based solely on your best interest.

A Foundation of Success

SFG was founded over 20 years ago on the principles of comprehensive planning, true teamwork, specialized knowledge and advice, commitment to continued education, and best of breed strategies.

Tools You Can Use

You’re always in the know. Our intuitive online platform gives you easy, customized and timely access to your financial information.


Our Services

For Individuals

Financial Position

A summary of your true financial standing and what it means for you. Learn More

Protection Planning

Determining your risk exposure and planning for the unplanned. Learn More

Investment Management

The right investment strategy means the right path to success. Learn More

Tax Planning

Make the tax code work for you and not the other way around. Learn More

Retirement Planning

Achieving financial independence - when you want and how you want. Learn More

Estate Planning

Make sure your beneficiaries are taken care of according to your plan. Learn More

For Businesses

Retirement Plan Services

We help improve the effectiveness of the retirement plan for owners, managers and other employees, and manage the employer’s liability. Learn More

Business Operations

Solutions to help operate for greatest efficiency. Learn More

Business Administration

Optimizing for greater performance and retention. Learn More


Is your company’s technology a help or a hurdle? Learn More

Business Growth Issues

Taking your business to the next level? We can help. Learn More

Business Succession Planning

Making sure the interests of you and your family are taken care of when your business changes owners. Learn More

Accounting & Tax Compliance

From preparing your taxes or keeping your books, STRATEGIQ Tax and Business Services help free up your time so you are able to focus on managing and growing your businesses. Learn More



StrategIQ Insights

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On any given news day, you can find a headline detailing the latest cybersecurity attack on a big business. But should mom-and-pop shops take this threat as seriously as Wall Street bigwigs? The answer is an inarguable "yes." Hackers aren't just focusing on major corporations anymore. If your personal email has ever been compromised, you've seen this firsthand...

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8 Things To Consider Before Buying That Second Home For Your Retirement

With the stock market seemingly hitting new record highs every day and mortgage rates near record lows, you may be wondering if you should pick up a second home for your future retirement. Perhaps, a vacation home you can enjoy now while you wait for the day you reach financial freedom and decide to end working full-time...

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How to Make Charitable Giving Part of Your Estate Plan

If you are charitably-inclined or if you are looking for ways to minimize income or estate taxes, charitable giving is an important financial and estate planning tool. How to maximize the value of giving will depend on your estate size, the amount and type of assets you want to give, and how to give them...

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