These Uncertain Times

Robert A. Mecca |

Robert A. Mecca, CFP®, MBA
Vice President, Wealth Management

June 5, 2020

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How many times have you heard the following expression at the beginning of a statement? “During these uncertain times.” It seems like everywhere we turn, this saying is blasted all over the media. Are you tired of hearing this? Me too. We know these are difficult, unusual, and, yes, uncertain times. We don’t have to be told again and again.

To some extent, we can deal with bad news, but human nature does not like uncertainty as it causes anxiety, which leads to stress resulting in highly emotional behavior. For the most part, humans do not handle uncertainty very well.

Think of a doctor who runs a test on you and says he sees something but doesn’t know what it is. You see a look of concern on his face. More tests are needed. During this time, the uncertainty tears you apart. You would rather know one way or the other so you can deal with it psychologically and physically.

When I worked as a Corporate Treasurer at a Chicago-based firm, there were rumors that another company was buying ours. During this time, the employees searched to see if these rumors were true as we scrutinized every move by executive management. The uncertainty was dominating our thoughts. When the actual buy-out occurred, we wondered how long it would be before our jobs were eliminated. With this unpleasant situation, I experienced many sleepless nights. Simply put, no one likes uncertainty.

Studies have shown that properly planning ahead has merit whether times are uncertain, volatile, difficult, or otherwise. Planning with a qualified fee-only professional can add more certainty to your financial future. More certainty can mean less emotional stress. Simply put, planning is good.

A plan to pay off debt. A plan to build your investment portfolio. A plan to have a will and trust. A plan for a proper emergency fund. A plan to have appropriate insurance without overpaying. A plan to retire as you desire. A plan to pay for college without getting a second mortgage on your house. A plan to keep cash flow positive. A “what if” plan should you become unemployed. A plan to help relieve stress. A plan for whatever your concerns may be.

As a full-service Fee-Only Financial Planning firm with highly qualified Certified Financial Planners, CFP® on staff, there are many tools in our bag we can utilize, which may help reduce stress and anxiety. We can implement simple or complex strategies as necessary to help attain your goals and relieve uncertainty. Areas in which we can help include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Investment Management
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Debt Analysis
  • Tax Analysis
  • College Planning
  • Retirement Planning and Forecasting
  • Legacy Planning
  • Insurance Consultation
  • Charitable Counseling
  • Sudden Wealth Assistance
  • Family Planning

Not all clients require all services above. Strategies are personalized to your needs with necessary modifications as dictated by current times and personal goals.   

I recall Tom and Sharon, who were meeting with me for a periodic review. The day was bright and sunny with blue skies. Tom walked over to the window and said that he recalls me saying in a previous meeting that not all days will be sunny, and it would be prudent to prepare for stormy days. So true. 

The best thing you can do for your family and yourself is to properly plan for tomorrow. It will help reduce stress in these uncertain times. 

By the way, I left that corporation on my own terms and landed on my feet in a better position, all glory to God.

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