StrategIQ® Philosophy

You’re a plan sponsor, business owner, or a decision maker, but you also are a participant in your company’s retirement plan. Therefore, your actions on behalf of your company’s retirement plan affect you as much as all other retirement plan participants of your company.  No matter whether you have assumed personal fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of the retirement plan and its participants or you have engaged a third party who has assumed such responsibility, the truth is that you wish to do a good job in creating and operating your company’s retirement plan - it is good business and it helps you both directly, as a participant, and indirectly, as a business owner or executive officer of the company.  

You’re responsible for more than just the compliant operation of your organization’s retirement plan - you’re responsible for helping your participants maximize their financial well-being during their retirement years. That is no small thing. It is your job to ensure that your organization’s retirement plan performs not just to minimal standards, but, instead, to standards that will meet, and ideally exceed, participants’ expectations. Again, as a participant, this is of direct benefit to you, as well. 

StrategIQ’s approach is different from that of many retirement plan consultants: our focus begins and ends with the participants. And, by focusing on them, we also focus on you.  

Start with one goal in mind: the achievement of positive outcomes for participants. When you do that, it becomes easier to discharge your duties and responsibilities. However, you need the right expertise to help you achieve this goal.



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